Master AI in just 2 hours and Catapult Your
Financial Advisory Business to 7-Figures

WITHOUT Technical Skills, or Spending Thousands on Marketing!

A Zoom Event for Financial Advisors!

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The 2023 AI-Powered Financial Advisor Summit:

Transforming Wealth Management

2023 Ai-Powered Advisor Summit:


 May 10th | 2:30 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST

 Zoom Webinars

"AI Will Not Replace You as an Advisor,

But An Advisor Who Leverages Ai Will"

Discover the transformative power of AI at the AI-Powered Advisor Summit, the must-attend event for financial advisors ready to revolutionize their practice. Learn from industry leaders how to harness ChatGPT and other AI technologies to create compelling content, build your personal brand, and attract more clients and assets.



  • How to leverage Ai to get appointments and fill up your calendar with dream clients

  • How to use Ai to write a book for your business in an hour with ease

  • Generate high-quality, engaging content at lightning speed

  • How to use Ai to build your personal brand and authority

  • Research marketing trends and unmet clients needs in minutes

  • Create detailed customer profiles for personalized marketing efforts.

  • Improve your website's ranking on search engines and increase your visibility online.

  • Write quality email campaigns offering your services to your ideal prospects

  • Boost your online presence and customer engagement

  • Change drastically your career path or complete your education with text generation

Yes....If You Can Believe It.. There Is More....

  • Create targeted and effective ads and scripts that speak directly to your audience

  • Create authentic and consistent assets that accurately reflects your brand's personality and message

  • Create professional high-converting landing pages and websites in minutes

  • Instantly create perfectly written buyer personas and avatars for your products

  • Write social media ad headlines and text like a professional copywriter

  • How to us Ai to build a digital course library

  • Build engaging pitch decks and presentations

  • Create powerful quizzes that generate leads in seconds

  • How to use Chat GPT to inspire the world with your story

Uncover the latest trends and advancements in AI technology that are reshaping the financial services industry.

Terrance McMahon

In 2016, Terrance McMahon was sitting in a hospital room dying from liver failure. Doctors said he had 90 days to live and that his chances of finding a match for a liver transplant in time were slim. So slim that it wasn’t until the end of his 90-day death sentence that a liver from a young prisoner in Alabama was deemed a match.

Given a second chance at life, Terrance decided to recreate himself from a multi-millionaire morbidly obese, alcoholic CEO of MassMutual-Northern New England to a healthy and sober business coach, speaker, podcast host, bestselling author and mentor.

Today, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of — and he’s doing it on his time.

Since then, Terrance has helped thousands of people recreate themselves using algorithms to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and take the right steps towards building a business that revolves around their lifestyle. Not the other way around. He doesn’t just help people make money. He helps them develop the tools for complete freedom.

Action Packed Sessions


Session #1: Mastering The Commands & Prompts

The training session will teach attendees how to master the commands and harness the full potential of AI technology.

Through hands-on exercises and expert instruction, participants will learn how to use AI for a variety of tasks, including text generation, language translation, and question answering.

By the end of the session, attendees will have a thorough understanding of AI and the confidence to start using it in their own business or organization.


Session #2: THE "AI" Atomic Offer

Join Terence McMahon, best-selling author and TEDx speaker, in this groundbreaking session as he unveils his secret system for using AI to craft engaging and irresistible atomic offers that your clients simply can't refuse.

Learn how to attract more clients with less effort by leveraging AI to write winning offers that resonate with your target audience. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your financial advisory practice by harnessing the full potential of AI-driven marketing strategies!


Session #3: Creating Killer Content

The training session will teach you how to use AI to generate high-quality content for your business.

Participants will learn how to leverage AI processing capabilities to instantly create engaging and informative content of any kind .

Through hands-on exercises and expert instruction, attendees will leave the training session with the skills and knowledge they need to use AI as a powerful tool for generating content on demand.


Session #4: Building Your Product or Program

The training session will teach attendees how to use AI to create and enhance products, courses, and programs.

They will also learn how to develop and organize course materials, and how to use it to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Attendees will develop the skills and knowledge they need to use AI as a powerful tool for creating and improving products, courses, and programs that drive results for their business.


Session #5: Creating Websites & Landing Pages

The training session will teach attendees how to use Chat GPT to build out landing pages and website content.

They will also learn how to incorporate key words to optimize their website content for search engines and how to use Chat GPT to save time and resources in the content creation process.

Chat GPT is a as cutting edge tool for creating website content that drives results for business.

Large Call to Headline


Session #6: Copywriting Shortcuts

The training session will teach attendees how to use Chat GPT technology to quickly and easily create and generate sales copy for their sales funnels, landing pages, emails, and all business needs.

With this processing power you can craft persuasive and compelling sales copy that converts.

They will also learn how to use GPT-3 to generate ideas for sales copy and how to fine-tune it to meet the specific needs and goals of their business. .


Session #7: The One Hour Book

Discover the powerful session that teaches financial advisors how to quickly establish authority by authoring their first book using AI - all in under an hour!

This innovative process has already helped dozens of professionals write books that educate, transform, and elevate their clients' lives, while simultaneously positioning themselves as industry authorities. Don't miss this opportunity to learn the game-changing strategy that will set you apart from the competition and boost your financial advisory practice to new heights

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